The International Propeller Clubs

The International Propeller Clubs

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Incontro con il Propeller USA di ISTANBUL: Italy and Turkey, important maritime countries in the Mediterranean”

"Italy and Turkey,important maritime countries in the Mediterranean”

Propeller Club Port of Istanbul and Propeller Club Italy

Joint Webinar Event

Wednesday, July 22nd 17:00 - 19:00 (CET) and 18:00 -20:00 (Istanbul time) 

17,00 (CET) – 18,00 (Istanbul time)


Neslihan TOMBUL, President The International Propeller Port of Istanbul
Umberto MASUCCI, President The International Propeller, Italy

 17,10/17,30 (CET) – 18,10 /18,30 (Istanbul time)  :
Keynote Speakers
Yüksel YILDIRIM, CEO and President at Yildirim Holding, Inc.
Alessandro PANARO, Head of Maritime Division SRM (Center for Economic Studies and Research
Banca Intesa:                            “COVID – 19: a new challenge for Med Ports”

 17,30/18,30 (CET) – 18,30/19.30 (Istanbul time)

Filippo FABBRI, Marketing Manager of PL Ferrari, leading insurance broker
“6 years of P.L Ferrari’s presence in the Turkish market”

Şadan KAPTANOĞLU, President, BİMCO

Antonio MANESCHI , Owner and CEO TO Delta logistics 

Kris ADAMS, CEO DP World

Sergio PRETE,President Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto,     
   “Turkey– Taranto: The coordinated development of the central and eastern Mediterranean
for goods and cruises”

Fuat PAMUKCU, VP Strategy, Business Development and Strategy, DFDS. Presentation will focus
on the RoRo market, Multi-Model transport and OBOR

Fabrizio VETTOSI, CEO of VSL,an italian fund specilized in Shipping and ports
“Port infrastructure : Italian Pattern for Financial Investors”

18,30/18,45 (CET) – 19,30/19,45 (Istanbul time)

Jonathan BEARD, CEO, The Catoni Group
Axel BUTROS, CEO, Butros Maritime and Transport
Vittorio ZAGAIA, CEO, Galata Transport

Legacy Shipping Families in Turkey. These are 3rd and 4th generation families who at one point dominated the shipping industry in Turkey. The speakers are Propeller Club members and will talk about their family businesses from a historical perspective and bring us up to date with their current businesses

18,45 (CET) – 19,45 (Istanbul time)